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Thursday, November 20, 2014

CT HMIS and Coordinated Access Implementation Date

The timeline has been updated for CT HMIS and Coordinated Access implementation.  Due to the recent Federal Data Standards changes and CT HMIS changes that were introduced, we are need to delay the go live for New Haven.  When reviewing the dates, the timeline would have slipped into the end of the December, which is never a good time to implement a new data system without adding a lot of additional burden to staff during the holiday season.  

The new dates for CaseWorthy and Coordinated Access implementation for New Haven will be:
          - CT HMIS and Coordinated Access training - Week of January 12th (if volume of staff is too large, we may start on 1/8)
          - Go live with both Coordinated Access and the new CT HMIS platform- Wednesday, January 19th

Nutmeg staff will continue to work with the New Haven HDCs over the next several weeks to further refine the import process, test data and resolve any system or functionality prior and continue to update staff as quickly as possible.

Any questions or concerns, please contact the nutmeg helpdesk at or Brian Roccapriore from CCEH at

Thank you.


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