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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leeway Welton Taking Applications

February 21, 2013

Dear Community Provider:

Leeway Welton Housing Corp  is pleased to announce that we are currently taking applications for
our Leeway Welton housing site located at 34-36 Welton Street in New Haven, CT.

Leeway Welton is a 10 one-bedroom unit supportive housing development for individuals with a
disability due to HIV/AIDS. Five (5) units are DHMAS funded and applicants must meet eligibility
requirements with a mental health and/or substance abuse diagnosis and must be homeless or at risk
of homelessness. The units are equipped with full kitchens, are furnished and are accessible for
persons with physical disabilities. Onsite laundry is available at cost. The building has a community
room and conference room. We are located on 34Welton Street within one block of State Street
with easy bus line access.

Case management services are provided by Leeway Inc. Case management services are intended to
provide support to tenants to assist them with living independently and providing them with
referrals, training and a foundation to maintain stable lives.

As one of our community providers, we are requesting you assist all eligible applicants in
completing the application.  Applications are available to be picked up at Leeway Welton between
the hours 9AM-3PM from now until March 6, 2013.  Applications will be accepted in person and via
mail post marked beginning Wednesday, February 20, 2013 until Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at
Leeway Welton located at 34-36 Welton Street, New Haven, CT between the hours of 9AM-3PM.
Applications may be mailed C/O Leeway Welton Application, 34-36 Welton Street, New Haven,
CT 06511 and must be postmarked no later than March 6, 2013.

If you have any questions, please contact either Nancy Moak or Cindy Dubuque at 203-288-1500.

Nancy Moak
Supervisor Housing Case Management

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fellowship Commons Wait List is Open!

The wait list for Fellowship Commons is open.  Fellowship Place is expecting movement in their  SRO (single room occupancy), single and shared apartments.

If you have anyone interested, please complete a Universal Application (link is available in the right bar of this blog.)  

The completed application should be faxed to:

Attention:  Fellowship Place Residential
(203) 789-4451 (fax number)

Basic Housing Authority Guidelines

No evictions
No current legal issues
No felonies within the last 10 years,  no misdemeanors in the last 3 years
Applicant must have income to show s/he can pay rent  - 30% of income.
If applicant ever lived in Section 8 or Housing Authority property – s/he must have left in good standing

Fellowship Commons Requirements  

Mental Health Diagnosis
Be homeless or at risk of homelessness
If applicant has a diagnosis of Substance Abuse, s/he must have 1 year clean / sober.

Feel free to direct questions to: 

Elsa Ward, CAC
Director of Homeless and Supportive Housing Services
Fellowship Place
441 Elm Street
New Haven,  CT      06511

203-401-4227 ext. 1213 (Office)
203-809-3458 (Cell)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sheldon Terrace Supportive Housing


January 28, 2013

Dear Community Contact,

We are pleased to inform announce that we are currently taking applications for our housing site; Sheldon Terrace Supportive Housing, located at 24 Sheldon Terrace, New Haven, CT 06511.  We currently have one two bedroom unit (roommate) situation available.  We also anticipate additional vacancies over the next few months.

As one of our Community Contacts we are requesting you assist all eligible applicants in completing the enclosed package.  This is a HUD property so the applicants will have to clear the clinical screening as well as criminal background check.  Please read the information carefully and return the completed package as well as the requested documentation to:

Dawn M. Bailey, Property Manager
c/o Sheldon Terrace Supportive Housing
24 Sheldon Terrace
New Haven, CT 06511

These packages should be completed and returned no later than February 15, 2013.


Dawn M. Bailey,
Property Manager

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