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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hartford HCV for chronically Homeless


The City of Hartford, Department of Development Services announces that it will be opening their Housing Choice Voucher waiting list for household who meet the Chronically Homeless Preference. The voucher program offers rent subsidies to households who meet the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) eligibility guidelines.

In order to qualify for this preference, pre-applicants must be able to verify that they meet the definition of either A or B: A) An individual or family who has been staying in an emergency shelter or place not meant for human habitation for a year continuously or on 4 occasions in the last 3 years that total 12 months and has a diagnosable disability as defined by HUD and they are referred by Journey Home on behalf of the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network, a consortium of over 20 different homeless service agencies or B) they are a tenant in good standing enrolled in a Permanent Supportive Housing program in the Greater Hartford Region who no longer require intense supportive services. ONLY households meeting this preference will be eligible to apply at this time.

Qualified individuals will be able to access the Chronically Homeless Preference Pre-application form for the waiting list from Journey Home’s website at The Chronically Homeless Preference Pre-application can also be picked up in person at Journey Home’s office at 255 Main Street, 2nd floor in Hartford, CT between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 p.m., MondayFriday.

If you meet the above definitions of A or B, are able to submit the referral letter from the Greater Hartford Coordinated Access Network with the pre-application, are 18 years of age or older or an emancipated minor regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status and are a citizen, or a non-citizen with eligible immigration status, can pass a criminal history screening and your income does not exceed the income limits listed below based on family size, please fill out the pre-application form.

Income Limit: Total household income cannot exceed the income limit for each household size: Household size and Income Limit:
1 $31,300 
2 $35,750 
3 $40,200 
4 $44,650 
5 $48,250 
6 $51,800 
7 $55,400 
        8 $58,950        

Only one fully completed pre-application will be considered per household. All pre-applications must be received either in person or mailed directly to: COH Chronically Homeless Preference 
Waiting List, c/o Journey Home, 255 Main Street, 2nd fl, Hartford, CT 06106.

Pre-applications will be available starting July 22, 2016. We will notify you for the following reasons: (1) an incomplete pre-application form, (2) if you are not eligible under program policies or (3) with the results of the waiting list selection. Questions may be directed to Journey Home at 860-808-0336.

We are an equal housing provider and we do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identify, disability, marital or familial status.

New Britain- The Jefferson wait list

2380 Corbin Avenue, New Britain, CT 06053


The Housing Authority of the City of New Britain (Authority), in partnership with Pennrose, is continuing to accept pre-applications until Friday, December 30, 2016, from persons who are interested in leasing one-bedroom or two bedroom, project-based voucher apartments at The Jefferson.

In order to be eligible, the household’s head, co-head, spouse, or sole member MUST BE AT LEAST 62 YEARS OF AGE, the household must require a one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit, and household income must not exceed income limits applicable to this building. Applicants must be determined “eligible” and “qualified” within the rules and regulations of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Pre-applications are available at the Authority’s main office at 16 Armistice Street, New Britain., or from the Authority’s website: An application may also be obtained at the Jefferson’s Leasing Office at 2380 Corbin Avenue, New Britain. Submission of more than one pre-application will result in disqualification.

This pre-application is for The Jefferson, a senior housing property supported by project-based vouchers. If you are interested in applying by mail, complete and mail a pre-application to the address below no later than Friday, December 30, 2016:

Housing Authority of the City of New Britain 
ATTN: The Jefferson Application/Waiting List 
16 Armistice Street, New Britain, CT 06053 


Head of Household Name (First, M.I., Last)                    SSN                               DOB

Number/Street                                                  City                             State                         Zip

Phone                                                               Email

 # of Persons Residing in Unit                         Gross Annual Income

Are you homeless or at risk of being homeless? Y N
Do you require a unit with accessible features? Y N

The Authority does not discriminate in admission or access to its federally assisted housing programs. Contact the Authority if you have a need for a reasonable accommodation for a disability. Efforts will be coordinated to comply with the nondiscrimination requirements of Section 504. Translation services are available. This is an Equal Opportunity Housing Program. The Jefferson is proud to be a non-smoking community.

2380 Corbin Avenue, New Britain, CT 06053 


La Autoridad de Vivienda de la Ciudad de New Britain (Housing Authority of the City of New Britain) (Autoridad) en asociación con Pennrose, continua aceptando solicitudes previas, a partir del Viernes 30 de Deciembre de 2016, de las personas interesadas en alquilar apartamentos de una o dos habitaciones con vales del proyecto en The Jefferson. 

Para que pueda ser elegible, el jefe, el subjefe, el cónyuge o el único miembro del grupo familiar DEBE TENER AL MENOS 62 AÑOS DE EDAD, el grupo familiar debe necesitar una unidad de una habitación o dos habitaciones y los ingresos del grupo familiar no deben exceder los límites de ingresos aplicables para este edificio. Se debe determinar que los solicitantes son “elegibles” y que “califican” según las reglas y regulaciones del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de EE. UU. (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). 

Las solicitudes previas están disponibles en la oficina principal de la Autoridad en 16 Armistice Street, New Britain o en el sitio web de la Autoridad: También puede obtener una solicitud en la Oficina de Arrendamiento de The Jefferson (Jefferson's Leasing Office) en 2380 Corbin Avenue, New Britain. Presentar más de una solicitud previa será causa de una descalificación. 


 Esta solicitud previa es para The Jefferson, una propiedad de vivienda para adultos mayores respaldada por vales del proyecto. Si está interesado en presentar una solicitud por correo, complete y envíe por correo la solicitud previa a la siguiente dirección a más tardar el Viernes 30 de Deciembre de 2016: 
Housing Authority of the City of New Britain 
ATTN: The Jefferson Application/Waiting List 
16 Armistice Street, New Britain, CT 06053 


Nombre del Jefe del grupo familiar (Primer nombre,          NSS                   Fecha de nacimiento     inicial del segundo nombre, apellido)                                                 

Dirección                                                      Ciudad                        Estado               Código postal 

Teléfono                                                        Correo electrónico 

N.° de personas que viven en la unidad        Ingresos brutos anuales 

¿Es usted indigente o está en riesgo de ser indigente? S N 
¿Necesita una unidad con características accesibles? S N 

La Autoridad no discrimina en la admisión o acceso a sus programas de vivienda con asistencia federal. Comuníquese con la Autoridad si necesita una adaptación razonable para una discapacidad. Se coordinarán los esfuerzos necesarios para cumplir con los requisitos de no discriminación de la Sección 504. Contamos con servicios de traductor. Este es un Programa de vivienda con igualdad de oportunidades. The Jefferson se enorgullece de ser una comunidad de no fumadores.

Charter Oak Communities: Moderate Rehabilitation Program

Public Notice 
Charter Oak Communities Charter Oak Communities (COC) will be accepting applications for the Moderate Rehabilitation Program. This program provides project-based rental assistance for 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units located at 67-71 Henry Street in Stamford, CT. Applicants must meet all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development income and eligibility requirements. 

 Maximum income levels based on family size are as follows: 
1 Person $58,000 
2 Person $66,250 
3 Person $74,550  
4 Person $74,500 
5 Person  $89,450 
6 Person $96,050 
7 Person $102,700
  8 person $109,300 

 Interested applicants may access the application beginning Monday, August 1, 2016 on COC's website at or by visiting our office at 22 Clinton Avenue, Stamford, CT, Monday-Friday between 8am-4pm. 

You may visit our website at for further information regarding other housing opportunities or for general program information. Charter Oak Communities does not discriminate based upon race, color, disabilities, religion, sex or national origin. Please contact COC if you have a need for a reasonable accommodation for a disability.

Charter Oak Communities (COC) estará aceptando solicitudes para el Programa de Rehabilitación Moderada. Este programa proporciona asistencia financiera para el alquiler en proyectos de 1, 2 y 3 dormitorios situados en 67-71 Henry Street en Stamford, CT. Los solicitantes deben cumplir todos los requisitos del Departamento de Vivienda y Desarrollo Urbano de los Estados Unidos (HUD).

 Los niveles máximos de ingreso para calificar se basan en el tamaño de la familia:
 1 Person $58,000
2 Person $66,250
3 Person $74,550
4 Person $74,500
5 Person $89,450
6 Person $96,050
  7 Person $102,700
         8 Person $109,300    

 Los interesados pueden acceder a la aplicación a partir del Lunes, 1 de Agosto 2016, en la página de internet de COC: o visitando nuestra oficina ubicada en 22 Clinton Avenue, Stamford, CT, de Lunes a Viernes entre las 8am - 4pm.
Para mas información acerca de este programa y otras oportunidades de vivienda visite nuestra página de internet en Charter Oak Communities no discrimina por razón de raza, color, discapacidad, religión, sexo u origen. Comuníquese con COC si necesita una adaptación razonable para una discapacidad.