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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SOAR WORKS!!! Online Course Available!

Increase Approval rates!
Expedite applications!
SOAR Online course
Trains case managers to assist individuals applying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) who
§  are experiencing or at risk for homelessness
§  have serious mental and/or physical illnesses that affect their ability to work

How to Register

The SOAR online course takes approximately 16-20 hours to complete. To register

§  Connect with your SOAR Local Lead Alice Minvervino at DMHAS to learn more about SOAR and the online course.

§  Complete and sign the attached registration form. Your supervisor must sign the form as well. By signing this form, you and your supervisor commit to your completing the course and submitting four SOAR SSI/SSDI applications within the next year. It can take 20-40 hours from initial engagement to decision to complete an SSI/SSDI application using the SOAR model.

  • After your SOAR Local Lead receives your registration, he/she will provide further instructions about enrolling in the course, and key dates for follow-up SOAR Fundamentals refresher training


How is the SOAR model different?

§  Case managers actively assist applicants, maintaining contact and acting as their representative

§  Emphasis on obtaining approval on initial applications and avoiding appeals

§  Collaboration with local agencies, medical providers and SSA/DDS

§  Focus on documenting disability and its effect on functioning via a Medical Summary Report, reducing the need for consultative exams

SOAR Online Course highlights
§  In-depth, step-by-step explanation of SSA’s disability determination process and SSI/SSDI application forms
§  Self-directed learning at your own pace
§  Sample reports, letters, forms, and other tools
§  Practice Case provides an opportunity for active learning -- includes completion of a SOAR SSI/SSDI application packet, submitted to the SOAR Technical Assistance Center for feedback
§  16 CEUs from NASW upon successful completion
§  Offered at no cost to users

For flyer and application, here is the link:  SOAR Online Training Flyer & Application


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