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Friday, September 27, 2013

Need Help Paying Bills?

New Haven rent assistance.

Get information on New Haven rent assistance programs. A number of agencies, non-profit organizations, and government programs provide rent help to low income individuals and families.

If you are faced with an eviction, or falling behind on your monthly rental payments, call or stop by a location in New Haven for details on rental assistance programs and services. A number of different grant programs and homeless prevention services and resources can be applied to for low income housing and/or rent help. Some provide emergency assistance, others offer longer term payments, counseling, and self-sufficiency. Also learn about government rent assistance such as Section 8 and homeless prevention and rapid rehousing.
  • Community Action Agency of New Haven – For people experiencing a financial emergency or short term hardship, they can provide onetime cash assistance, immediately, through a grant from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Money paid out is intended to help pay rent or mortgage if faced with an eviction or foreclosure. 781 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut 06515, phone (203) 387-7700.
  •  Community Mediation, Inc. – Access money to pay rent, as well as mediation to deal with landlord-tenant issues. The state offers a program from the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS) which is a housing mediation program. It includes a rent payment option that can help pay a portion of the back rent or mortgage if facing eviction. Provides financial assistance and mediation to help landlords and tenants, or even homeowners and mortgage holders, resolve conflicts over back rent or loan payments. It can also deal with repairs, late rent payments, and other housing issues or expenses. In addition, applicants may receive assistance up to $1200 to pay their no more than one month's rent as well. Support is for people facing homelessness. Resident of Branford, East Haven, Hamden, New Haven, North Haven or West Haven can apply if you are experiencing a non-recurring, unexpected, documentable hardship. Applicants to the program need to have received a notice to quit or notice of foreclosure. Address is 32 Elm Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510. Call (203) 782-3500.
  •  Connecticut Social Services - Southern Regional Office, New Haven administers state and federal cash assistance for low income individuals and families with children, individuals or families who are elderly or disabled, and refugees. Dial (203) 974-8000. 
  • Columbus House, Inc. – Runs the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing (HPRP) program for the New Haven Connecticut region. It can offer cash grants and financial assistance, with the goal of preventing homelessness by providing financial and rental assistance to eligible families. Some of the people who can get help include individuals and couples without children who are homeless or facing possible homelessness. The program is intended to help applicants who but for this assistance, would be homeless or evicted from their home or apartment. It is not intended to be a long term charity program. The non-profit also offers comprehensive case management services agency-wide through emergency, permanent, and transitional housing. Specialists and on site case managers provide assessment and referrals to appropriate community services, including charities and state and federal government programs, to help clients identify and overcome many of the causes of their homelessness. 586 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard, New Haven, CT 06519, phone (203) 401-4400. 
  • Liberty Community Services, Inc. – Another New Haven non-profit that may be able to provides temporary, short term financial assistance for paying rent and housing costs. In addition, work with a counselor for housing relocation and stabilization services, which is being offered to people who are homeless or would be homeless but for this assistance. They do also administer eviction prevention assistance, which is intended to keep current housing or help people move to other housing. Other services include rental assistance for a maximum of 18 months, funds to pay up to 6 months back rent, security deposits and utility deposits, and even most cost expenses. 129 Church Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, phone (203) 495-7600.
  • New Haven Office of Management and Budget also runs the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program. It can provide money for security deposits, short and long term rent funds too. Call (203) 946-8390. 
  • TEAM, INC. administers an eviction prevention program for the county. It is offered to qualified residents who are facing a one-time financial challenge and who need rental assistance. Your application will be reviewed. Note if you owe too much money you may not qualify. An eviction/notice to quite is also required. Location is 30 Elizabeth Street, Century Plaza, Derby, CT 06418-1846. Call (203) 736-5420. 
  • New Haven Home Recovery, Inc. – Offers assistance programs that serve families who are at imminent risk of homelessness, or who are homeless today. Apply for emergency rental assistance, including back rent. Money can also help pay for security and utility deposits. Even get money for heating and electric bills. Money can pay moving costs. Last, but not least, the agency is a great place for referrals to other local charities and agencies as well as shelters when appropriate. Free legal advice can be obtained too. They also run two family stabilization programs, one in Fair Haven and one in Bridgeport Connecticut. Address - 153 East Street, New Haven, CT 06511, (203) 492-4866. 
  • Continuum of Care, Inc. administers the Housing Resource Development Program. They offer financial assistance and housing placement. Program Staff search throughout Greater New Haven County area to help qualified people locate low income housing and staff also administer rental subsidy loans and rental supplemental grants for families and/or individuals with mental health needs who can live independently in the region. Apply for requests for rental assistance, and the organization may also providing bridge subsidy and security deposit loans to the low income. 67 Trumbull Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510, dial (203) 401-2082.
  • CMHC runs the New Haven Shelter Plus Care Program. The non-profit can offer financial assistance with rent expenses, support services, and access to either short term or permanent housing rental subsidies working poor and/or homeless individuals. Applicants need to have a serious, HIV/AIDS, or some other condition. The agency passes out rental assistance certificates. 319 Peck Street, Building #1, New Haven, CT 06513. Call (203) 764-6330.
  • Elderly Services of New Haven offers the Rent Rebate Program for the Elderly & Disabled. Rebates and subsidies are offered. Address is 165 Church Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06511, phone (203) 946-7854. Read more on housing programs for seniors.
     Rental Assistance Program is run by the New Haven Department of Social Services. Phone (203) 757-1138. The state of Connecticut RAP program is the major state-funded program for helping very low-income individuals and families pay for safe, decent, yet affordable housing and apartments.

Need Help Paying Bills?

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