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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Leeway Residential Care Facility

Leeway, Inc.
Residential Care


40 Albert Street

New Haven, CT  06511

203-865-0068 phone
203-865-0399 fax

Leeway’s Residential Care Facility Mission
Leeway’s Residential Care Facility, an integral part of the continuum of AIDS care, is committed to being a center of excellence in providing residential, personal and supplemental care so that those with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and/or related conditions can live as independently as possible.  This expert care is respectfully provided with compassion and without regard to race, national origin, age, religion, handicap, gender or sexual orientation with the focus on the integration of body, mind and spirit.  We are committed to promoting quality of life and dignity to all.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission into Leeway’s Residential Care Facility
1.     An individual must be:
      - age 65 and older; OR
      -disabled between the age of 18 and 65; or receiving SSI and/or SSD entitlements; OR
      - blind

2.    An individual must have:
      -HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and/or related conditions

3.    An individual must meet the following income requirements:
a.    Must have a minimum monthly income of $710.00
b.    Must have a maximum income of $2130.00
c.    If an individual has SSD the individual or Leeway staff will need to call Social Security to verify that the individual can get SSI supplemental to meet the minimum income requirements
d.    If the individual has SSI or SSD and their income is below $710.00 then the individual or Leeway staff needs to call Social Security  to verify that Social Security will increase the minimum income up to $710.00 to meet the minimum income requirements
4.    An individual must have the ability to live independently or with minimal assistance.

5.    An individual or representative agency  must complete the Leeway Residential Care Facility application and provide all required documentation.  Leeway’s Admissions Coordinator reviews the application and documentation to ensure that the packet is complete and offers assistance to the individual and/or referral source.

6.    An individual or representative agency must provide a current medication list and diagnoses verified by a physician or licensed clinician to ensure the continuity of care.

7.    An individual or representative agency must provide the following:


a). Results of a recent PPD or QuantiFERON test (within 30days)

b). Complete clinical information about any current or past history of TB, whether latent or active, including treatment history.
                 c). For any current respiratory illness for which TB has not been            
                      excluded as the cause, the referring medical staff needs to discuss the
                    case with the  Medical Director or the Director of Nursing.

It is especially important to know an individual’s TB status when considering admission to Leeway’s Residential Care Facility where patients with HIV live. Individuals with HIV/AIDS are at high risk for TB infection and disease.  Both for individual patients’ health and that of the entire residential community, we must be sure that anyone with potentially infectious TB is being adequately treated and is not at risk of transmitting TB to patients, residents or staff. In order to do this, we must have complete information about all applicants’ current and past TB status before they can be accepted for admission to any program at Leeway.

Insurance Information
a). Provide  written verification of payment source

Advance Directives
a)    An individual or representative agency must provide Advance Directives in the event of an emergency or incident. This data will assist  Leeway staff to address the residents wishes for their care if their Home Care provider is not accessible..

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