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Monday, July 8, 2013

Eviction/Foreclosure Prevention Program/Security Deposit Guarantee Program

Dear Community Providers: 

DSS is re-contracting for its Eviction/Foreclosure Prevention Program (“EFPP”) and also contracting for the application assistance for the Security Deposit Guarantee Program. In the past Community Mediation has been the lead for New Haven County for the EFPP program and the service provider in the City of New Haven and surrounding towns. Community Mediation decided not to re-contract for this work. DSS has awarded the lead role in New Haven County to TEAM, Inc and the service providers for the City of New Haven will be Liberty Community Services and the Community Action Agency of New Haven. The contract with DSS has not been finalized so more details about the transition will be forthcoming when we have the contracts in hand. The Security Deposit Program has not transitioned yet and people should follow the current process and guidelines. The descriptions of the programs themselves have not changed and the descriptions are linked below. But as of July 1, New Haven area residents should be directed to either Liberty or Community Action Agency for the EFPP Program. The contact at Liberty is Kim Tchakirides and her telephone number is 203-495-1750. The contact at the Community Action Agency of New Haven is Luis Hutcherson or Marcia Harvey at 203-387-7700.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or at 230-736-5420 ext. 234. Thank you. Diane

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