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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Fwd: IMPORTANT: Updated Definition of Chronic Homelessness

Dear Colleagues:

On Friday, December 4th,  HUD announced the final rule on the definition of chronic homelessness in the Federal Register (see attached summary).
Following are highlights of the definition included in the final rule:
  • To be considered chronically homeless, a person must have a disability and have been living in a place not meant for human habitation, in an emergency shelter, or a safe haven for the last 12 months continuously or on at least four occasions in the last three years where those occasions cumulatively total at least 12 months;
  • Occasions are defined by a break of at least seven days not residing in an emergency shelter, safe haven, or residing in a place meant for human habitation; 
  • Stays in institutions of fewer than 90 days do not constitute a break and count toward total time homeless; and
  • The final rule establishes record keeping requirements for documenting chronic homelessness.

HUD will be offering webinars so that communities have the opportunity to hear more about the definition and what HUD expects.  HUD will send out a listserv with information about those dates and how to register and we will send that information along as well.

We will also be sending updated versions of the sample Homelessness Eligibility Documentation Forms and third party verification letters, and will provide more information and guidance on the new definition at the semi-annual meeting on 1/6 (info on meeting coming shortly).

CoC programs must comply with the requirements established in the final rule for all participants admitted after 1/15/16.  The changes do not apply retroactively to participants admitted prior to 1/15/16.


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