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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Training Opportunities

AIDS Connecticut

The following is being forwarded on behalf of CSH Supportive Housing Training Center:

Offering Expertise in Harm Reduction

Did you miss Introduction to Harm Reduction, one of our most popular trainings?

No problem. It's now available to you anytime in recorded form.

Introduction to Harm Reduction
E-class Recording - $30

Discounted Package of All Seven Coordinated Assessment Training Recordings
  • Improving Community-wide Targeting of Supportive Housing to End Chronic Homelessness: The Promise of Coordinated Assessment
  • Research & Applications of the Transition Aged Youth (TAY) Triage Tool
  • Using Data to Target Effectively: An Examination of the FUSE Initiative
  • Family Targeting
  • Coordinated Assessment: Drilling Down
  • Operationalizing Coordinated Assessment
  • Learn and Discuss: System-wide Targeting & Prioritization

Why you should access our Coordinated Assessment Training

What trainees are saying...

"I enjoyed the questions the facilitator asked the attendees complete. It made the webcast feel more engaging and interactive." Bob F.

"Very well run and organized....the slides were clear and informative. Questions were well managed and everyone's were answered." Kelly J.

"The discussion about tools and minimizing questions is very useful. It is challenging when the HMIS system already has access to one tool and the CoC feels like the decision has been made for them. It is good to hear feedback that we should just start using a tool to inform the process and then decide what is needed." Tara C.

Register Now for Upcoming Trainings

Property Management and Services Coordination
E-class - 09/29/2015, 2-3:30pm ET - $50

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