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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Immediate Housing Opportunities Available!!!!!!

I have housing opportunities for both a male and a female to live in a roommate house.  The apartments are available immediately and they can move in as fast as they can pay rent and SD.!
 FEMALE  310 Winthrop Ave. New Haven CT | 1br | 1st floor |$467/m all utilities included. | 1 month SD

MALE      29 Norton St. New Haven CT            | 1br | 3rd floor |$400/m all utilities included. | 1 month SD

Both apartments are fully furnished except for the bedrooms! The male bedroom comes with a dresser and some light furniture, it is missing a bed.  Tenants sign an individual lease and receive a key to the front door and their bedroom.

 The process is: Referral, I make contact, I show the units, I speak with the client and the roommates to determine if it’s a good match.   
Make a referral:  Please email David McCarthy for further information and instructions.

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