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Monday, November 19, 2012

Fellowship Commons Waitlist is Open

Fellowship Place Homeless and Housing Services announces that one of its supportive housing projects, Fellowship Commons, has an open waitlist and is currently accepting the Universal Application.  The waitlist is open for single room occupancy (SRO) and shared rents.  Currently, individual apartments are all occupied with no moves in sight. SRO tenants are required to stay a minimum of 1 year and then are eligible to take Section 8 voucher with them. 


18 years and over with MH dx
Homeless or at risk of homelessness
If in recovery from substance abuse, applicant must have 1 year clean and sober
Case Management Services are provided if requested.  Applicant must be able to live independently.
Section 8 rent subsidy is based upon income thus applicant must have income (entitlements, employment or combination) 

Section 8 Requirements:

No prior evictions
No felonies within last 7 years
No misdemeanors within the past 5 years
If prior Section 8 or Housing Authority tenant, must have left in good standing

A link to the Universal Application and Provider Matrix is available to the right of this blog.

For additional information, call Elsa Ward, Director of Homeless and Housing Services at (203) 401-4227 x 1213.

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